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The C5 Quest for Success

Photo of the C5 Quest for Success official Parade.
C5 Quest for Success Parade

Project Description

Quest for Success was a performance competition event that spanned four days during the 2006 ISEA/ZeroOne Festival. During the event, 15 artist/competitors utilized locative media to navigate the streets of San Jose, California, in an effort to win a valuable, 6-week residency at Villa Montalvo in Saratoga, California.

As passengers in GPS enabled Go Cars, the competitors followed navigational clues to search for narrative hotspots located about the city’s downtown core. Each hotspot triggered an audio track played over the cars’ audio systems, telling the competitors historical tidbits about the city. The number of hotspots discovered determined the number of minutes available to competitors for giving their project pitches to groups of internationally recognized curators in the C5 Limousine. After three nights of competition, three semifinalists participated in the final competition - they had 5 minutes to deliver their proposals before a large public audience.

This project utilized locative technology in a reality TV-like competition format to explore historical narrative and make commentary on the competitive networking inherent in art-world latter climbing.

Rob Smith for Khaled Moshen
The C5 Quest for Success Installation  at the San Jose Museum of Art
Photo of the Quest installation at the ISEA Pavillion.
The C5 Quest for Success at the ISEA Pavillion
Photo of Quest installation at the ISEA Pavillion.
The C5 Quest for Success at the ISEA Pavillion
Photo of Quest final preparations.
Final preparations
Photo of Quest Rally One
Rally One
Photo of Quest City Hall Hotspot.
City Hall Hotspot
Photo of Quest City Hall regroup.
City Hall Regroup
Photo of New Tung Kee Hotspot.
New Kung Kee Hotspot
Photo of C5 Quest Honorary Photograph handout.
The C5 Quest Honorary Photo Delivery
Photo of Liz Rossof, Grand Prize winner.
Grand Prize Winner Liz Rossof