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New Yorkers

Photo: sidewalk salesman
Sidewalk Sale, Lower East Side , 2021.

Project Description

Profit and Loss is the most recent project exploring my interests in the impact of economics on individuals' psyches, what I term psychoeconomics. The series evolved out of Continental Drift, with more specific references to the stock market: its ebbs and flows, visualizations and terminology.

I make no claims to having uncommon expertise in stocks, or economics for that matter; however, I am convinced that market forces, even those of the stock market, whether or not one 'plays the game,' affect all of us, for better or worse. This has been increasingly true as neoliberalism has permeated the psyche.  

Photo: Woman sitting on a stoop in Brooklyn
Kiara, Brooklyn , 2021.
Photo: man sharpening knives sitting on the sidewalk
Shadetree Sharpening  , 2017.
Photo: Man delivering empty water jugs in teh financial district.
Water Delivery, Financial District  , 2019.
Photo: man sitting on a stoop, Lower East Side
Stoop Sitting, 2021.
Photo: woman having lunch in Brooklyn.
Lunch Break, 2017.
Photo: man reading on a bench in Brooklyn.
Sidewalk Reading, Brooklyn, 2017.
Photo: man on a bike, stopped at an intersection.
Communting, Brooklyn, 2017.